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Tuesday’s travel chuckit list: the Narcisse Snake Pit

 I’m adding to my “travel chuck-it” list once more with Narcisse, Manitoba, Canada

What’s wrong with Manitoba, you ask? Why, it’s home to the northern lights! And…the Manitoba Museum…and, um…the Narcisse snake dens.

The Narcisse snake dens are the home of the world’s largest concentration of red-sided garter snakes. Tens of thousands of  these snakes spend their winter in underground caverns through the area. In the spring, they emerge for weeks-long mating rituals and to eat the toes of unsuspecting tourists.

Okay, I made up that last part. Garter snakes aren’t dangerous. But tens of thousands of garter snakes are just…icky.  After mating, the snakes spend the summer in nearby marshes. And if there’s nothing more special than snake filled caves, it’s snake filled marshes, amirite? Here’s a video shot in case the stills aren’t creeping you out enough. Check out the sound of thousands of snakes writing against each other:

Technically the snake den is just outside of Manitoba, but it’s still pretty close. So I’ll watch the northern lights from one of these places instead, and leave the snake dens to the herpetologists and heebie-jeebie loving tourists.