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Church (signs) on Sunday

Readers, it has been a very busy day, so forgive me for not doing my usual research and posting about a European church. Instead, I’d like to introduce my Balkan readers to an American church phenomenon: bizarre signs. In many towns throughout the southern and middle United States, Christian churches (usually Protestant denominations) have bulletin boards for announcements. Occasionally, churches use the board to grab the attention of passerby. Some are funny;

some are corny;

and some are just…dumb.

I can’t imagine seeing these in front of an Orthodox church. What would the signs say? Possible ideas:

  1. Come for the service, stay for the rakija.
  2. Being 45 minutes late isn’t a sin, but stop doing it anyway.
  3. Is a latex micromini really appropriate to wear to your aunt’s second wedding? (Answer: yes.)

Serbians are funnier than I am, and I’m sure readers can do better in the comments. Until then, you can see more weird American church signs HERE.

I’ll bet people had fun explaining this one to their kids…


One response

  1. LOVE this! Those terrible church signs always make me laugh and cringe . . . especially when they bring politics in! Love this post! As always, keep exploring and blogging.

    October 17, 2011 at 12:43 pm

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