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The Silver Screen in the White City: Movies in Belgrade

Sometimes even a traveling Housewife needs a break from “reality.” When that happens, I go to the movies in Belgrade.

I don’t see many movies in the States because I hate to learn that a movie is terrible AND lose $14 in the process. Belgrade offers a better cinema experience. The movie might still be bad, but tickets cost $5 and movies are subtitled, so I can hear everything in English and get a bonus Serbian lesson in the process. Twofer!

We saw our first movie in Belgrade, Harry Potter part one billion or whatever, in November at the Delta City mall. Delta City’s movie theater offers beer, stadium seating, and fresh popcorn. What more could a movie-goer want?

Apparently, silence. There were about 15 unsupervised eight-year-olds who decided that the movie was nowhere near as entertaining as running up and down the stairs, answering cell phones, and shouting at each other.  I felt like I was in a remake of Lord of the Flies, except there was no conch shell to make everyone stop talking. Parents were either absent or unconcerned.

Like this, but dark. And noisier.

Daunted, we decided to change our movie genre and theater by seeing Bridesmaids at the Usce Mall movie theater. Readers, you should come to Belgrade if for no other reason than to see a movie at Usce. There’s stadium seating, fresh popcorn, and a VIP Lounge in case you need a martini to watch Transformers 3 with your suddenly adolescent husband.

Usce’s best feature is reserved seating. When you buy your movie ticket, you can see which seats are available and pick the ones you like best. No asking, “can you move over one seat?” or draping-of-the-coat technique. If a movie is almost sold out, you can decide whether you want to sit in the very front row or simply pick another movie to watch. For type-A housewives some, this is manna from heaven.

When I tell Serbians that American cinemas don’t have reserved movie seating, they look at me with a mixture of amazement and pity. I have some pity of my own, though: there are no boxes of Jujubees or Junior Mints to mix with my popcorn. Still, there’s nothing like enjoying the silver screen with a beer and a comfy, reserved seat.


For a list of Belgrade movie theaters, click HERE


3 responses

  1. 5 bucks??? I’m living in the wrong country. Got the multiplex with stadium seating plus online reserved seats. Got the popcorn (although oversalted and kinda stale). Got the mega-drinks. And then it stops there. My husband and I went to see Captain America in 3D and paid 10.50€ each plus an extra 1€ each for the glasses. Add a Jabba the Hutt-sized popcorn and 2 enormous cokes and the total comes to 34.90€…what’s that?…like 50 George Washingtons?

    Do they also have a short interlude halfway into the movie? At first I found it annoying but then realized that’s a good idea in case you have to go potty.

    August 24, 2011 at 10:05 am

  2. Aloha! First, let me say how envious I am: Hawaii (Maui) is my favorite place on Earth, and Italy ranks high as well.

    They made you pay for those crappy glasses! Outrageous. We do not have a short break but I love the idea. Instead we get comically devised “previews” made on PowerPoint, using unauthorized Lady Gaga songs.

    I love your blog, though it makes me very, very hungry.

    August 24, 2011 at 4:43 pm

  3. Agnieszka

    Hi RHOB,

    I’ve found Serbian cinemas very disturbing. Looks like most of people there dont care what they watch or why they came there. Also subtitles are great for learning Serbian however my MUZ jokes about the quality of translation sometimes. And yeah Serbs are crazy about VIP areas and the privileges you get there. Interesting tho

    August 24, 2011 at 7:59 pm

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