Read, Write, Run, Roam

On the Road

Somewhere along the line I knew there’d be girls, visions, everything; somewhere along the line the pearl would be handed to me.

-Jack Kerouac, On the Road

I’m not actually on the road today but I though I’d share this snapshot of a very happy Milos in the car. Summer driving can be such a pain; sometimes it seems to be nothing but traffic, high gas prices, and bad roadside food. It’s hard to remember how much fun it can be–until I see this photo. It helps remind me that all the random sights and sounds and new experiences (good and bad) are interesting at worse and incredible at best. There’s also that feeling that even if things are going badly, somewhere, sometime, something amazing is going to come our way. And if it doesn’t, that’s ok. No one wants to hear about the trip that went perfectly, anyway.

A very happy (and hot) summer to our friends and family back home and our best wishes to everyone traveling on the road this summer.


One response

  1. BD

    I love this picture of Milos! Your quote inspires me to reread Jack Kerouak. Happy Trails to you and all RHOB readers and friends and family!

    July 14, 2011 at 1:18 pm

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