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EXIT by the numbers

Writing about music is difficult; writing about music festivals is boring. So here’s a brief attempt to adequately describe the crush of people, the wonder of listening to modern music in a fortress, and the insanity of concerts scheduled to start at 6 in the morning….


4 Days, 20 Stages, 600 bands  
40,000 visitors a night
25,000 visitors at the Jamiroquai concert

Can you see me? 

It’s hard to explain how many people were there. Even when we were walking around at 3:30am, huge crowds were leaving one concert and going to another. It felt like I was in an outdoor shopping mall on Black Friday. A very hot shopping mall featuring live bands, beer, and grilled corn on the cob.

Thousands of British accents around me

It was odd to walk around Novi Sad and hear so much English. At first I was excited to understand everything; then I realized that most overheard conversations are boring. Especially when it’s (1) a guy desperately trying to pick up girls or (2) people bragging that they don’t sound like they’re from ___ (insert working class English region here).

95-degree temperatures
Hundreds of insane campers

The festival organized a campsite to accommodate visitors. While I’m all for the outdoor life (false), the soaring temperatures and probable lack of clean bathroom facilities made this option an RHOB no-go. However, I found the port-a-pottys surprisingly clean. Then again, it was pretty dark.

2 million dollars: RHOB’s fee for staying at the EXIT campsite

Image source:

5,000 micrograms per cubic meter: amount of dust in the air
2 wash cycles of EXIT clothes
2-3 showers per day

If I had one complaint about EXIT, it’s the dust. Thousands of people dancing and trampling dry grassland turns the festival into a mini dust bowl that had me coughing and blowing my nose constantly. I wondered why women came to a 90-degree concert wearing lightweight scarves around their necks; the answer was evident at 2 am when I pulled the neckline of my shirt over my nose to breathe a little more easily. On our second day Muz said, “it would be nice if we got a little rain.” I don’t know what’s worse, though–a dusty concert or a muddy one.

5 hours of sleep a night 
10 years bragging about attending

Despite the dust, EXIT was worth the time and money. Organizers did an excellent job of moving people around, there were short lines for food and drink, and plenty of music for everyone. I look forward to bragging about our attendance for years to come…and boring the crap out of people overhearing my conversation at other festivals.


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