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Mr. Cab Driver/Won’t stop [chess] to let me in

Taxi drivers in Belgrade are an interesting lot. They often speak good English, but even when they don’t they still like to test an Amerikanka’s Serbian skills. We talk about life in Belgrade, where they’re from, and occasionally, politics. I wish I knew more chess terminology though because I am dying to know more about the games that erupt along the taxi line on Makedonska.

Are there some serious experts here? How competitive is it? Do they ignore rides to finish a game? Do they play for glory or dinars? Is chess a big sport in Serbia?

It’s moments like this that make me realize I’ll go back home with more questions than I came here with.

Like how you can push taxis down the lane without disrupting the chessboard...

The blog post title is from Mr. Cab Driver by Lenny Kravitz


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