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Flashback Friday: Bucharest’s old-school graffiti

I was pleased (and jealous) to see that Bucharest had a subway system, so I walked to the nearest stop to explore the city. As the train pulled into the station, I saw this:

Now, I know that I should be disappointed that the train was covered in graffiti, but regular readers will know I wasn’t. In fact, I was thrilled. I haven’t seen graffiti like this since I was a kid. And on a subway, no less! It reminded me of my childhood. I practiced those bubble letters for hours, people.

Other trains on the same line (yellow) had similar “artwork.”

The other train lines had newer subway cars without a speck of graffiti. This was nice, but a little boring. I was always eager to catch the next yellow line train to see how the cars were going to be painted. As I waited on the platforms I tried recalling scenes from Breakin‘. Wasn’t Kelly ridiculous? How did Ozone manage to keep that hat on while breakdancing? He was like the black Indiana Jones. Amazing.

Didn’t the graffiti kid die running from the cops and stepping on the third rail? Or was that the movie Beat Street? Maybe this excitement over spray- painted trains is why people say it’s difficult to raise a kid in NYC. But the yellow line made my day.  Happy Friday, everyone!


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