Read, Write, Run, Roam

Who’s down with OMV? R-H-O-B!

Muz and I drive to almost all of our travel destinations. It’s brought back a lot of road trip memories I made as a child and in college. (Easy-cheese on Ritz crackers, anyone?) Of course, there are some changes to my road trippin’ ways: paper maps are nearly obsolete thanks to GPS, Twizzlers aren’t available at most roadside stores, and fuzzy radio stations are less frustrating thanks to podcasts and playlists.

Despite all the changes, one road trip problem remains: the inevitable need for to the bathroom. After a couple of hours in a car and an un-Serbian love for drinking water, a Housewife needs a pit stop. And when the need arises, there is no more welcome sign than OMV.

OMV is a chain of gas stations/rest stops we’ve seen in Serbia, Croatia, Hungary, and Romania. RHOB, big freakin’ deal. Why are you writing about a rest stop? Because, dear readers, OMV is no ordinary rest stop. The bathrooms are always clean, the food is decent, and the coffee is pretty good. They even sell wine, should you need a quick nip before resuming a 10 hour drive with a puppy and a cranky Muz…not that I speak from experience.

When we drove to Slovenia with Kuma, she also admired OMV’s immaculate rest rooms and well-stocked stores. I’m not sure why U.S. rest stops are often so filthy, but they should call OMV and pick up a tip or two. Of course, the tip is pretty simple–keep things clean, serve decent coffee–but the N.J. Turnpike needs all the help it can get.

Unfortunately, I can’t gush about the other rest stops. Lack of TP, unworthy demands for entrance fees, and pit toilets don’t make RHOB very happy. But the blue and green sign is always a welcome sight. RHOB is down with OMV.

Accept no substitutes!

You're not fooling me, OVD

If you are puzzled about the blog title, unfurrow your brow and click here. (Not suitable for Grandmas or in-laws)


2 responses

  1. Kuma

    Kuma was particularly impressed with the plastic gloves available at the gas pumps! Kuma has thought about keeping a box of plastic gloves in her car for exactly this purpose (keeping one’s hand clean while touching the filthy gas pump) but was scared about becoming Howard Hughes.

    June 14, 2011 at 11:25 am

  2. How could I forget to include that detail? Just one more way that OMV is awesome. As for the gloves, yes, you would look crazy. Best to just not think about how dirty your hands are after pumping gas. Or you could move here.

    June 14, 2011 at 1:09 pm

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