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(Mini) Church on Sunday: The Museum of the Romanian Peasant, Bucharest

RHOB has been on the move, readers. After our trip to Istanbul we headed to Romania for a couple of days. I only had time to see one museum in Bucharest, so I chose to visit the Museum of the Romanian Peasant. The Museum is large. It holds complete Romanian homes, extensive pottery and textile collections, and a dollhouse-sized replica of a Romanian Orthodox Church.

The photos are not great due to the annoying Romanian photo “tax” system. There is a charge for taking photos in many Romanian buildings, and yet little information about how to pay the tax. So I took these photos on the sly. Scandalous!



As was the case through much of the museum, there was some general information in English but little detail about individual exhibits. It’s a shame, because I was eager to know more about this model. Is it a miniature icon, dedicated to the church? Is it an architect’s whimsy? Was it meant for the luckiest Romanian girl in the world? Whatever the case may be, it was fun to see the lovingly crafted details, even if I had no idea about their purpose or origin.

Since it’s Church on Sunday, I’ll also confess: I don’t feel any guilt about not paying the photo tax. Hopefully, posting about churches will absolve me of my sneaky ways…


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