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Belgrade’s knack for knickers

Women's trademark problems there

Kuma’s trip to Belgrade was a bit of a disaster. Her first flight was re-routed to another U.S. city. Her second flight was cancelled due to mechanical problems. Her third flight brought her to Europe, but without her checked luggage. I told her not to worry, that we’d have everything she’d need in Belgrade-especially if she needed clean undies.

For some reason, Belgrade is awash in lingerie stores. There’s one on almost every major street. It’s as though there was a national problem of women leaving the house without their knickers, or perhaps spur of the moment breast augmentations require emergency brassieres. Whatever the reason, there is no shortage of clean underwear in this city.

There’s only one catch: shopping in Belgrade is expensive. A simple pair of shoes cost at least $100, compared to about $50 for the same quality in America. Chain stores like Zara and Mango are here, but the prices seem similar, if not higher. And despite the photo above, sales are practically non-existent here. Several Serbian women have told me they come to the States with an empty suitcase, knowing they’ll fill it with clothes that cost twice as much in Belgrade. Makes you think about international trade policy, doesn’t it?

Luckily my kuma was wearing her smarty pants and brought clean underpants (and other clothing) in her carry-on. Her checked luggage arrived the next day. If it hadn’t, I would have been tempted to take her to the “Chinese Market” in Novi Belgrade (a post for another day). But if anyone’s looking to replace their lady briefs in Belgrade, they’ve certainly come to the right spot.


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