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Thailand on the Sava

One of our guests asked me if I had run out of things to discover in Belgrade. The answer is a resounding no. Belgrade is big enough that there are always new restaurants to try, a different museum exhibit to check out, or a unique cultural event. And though I’ve spent a lot of time exploring the city, I often find myself in a new area saying, “I had no idea this was here.” A perfect example is this spot along the bike path to Ada that my friend named “little Thailand.”

This area is close the highway and near an industrial site, but you’d never know it. It’s quiet and serene, and the little houses fit perfectly in the surroundings. I’ve heard that some people have weekend fishing cottages (lucky them!) but this strikes me as a permanent residence.

It may look like Thailand, but unfortunately there was no Thai food in sight. We cycled on to Ada and decided to embrace the Thai philosophy of sanuk (enjoying life) the Belgrade way: cold drinks in the sunshine.


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