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Very Superstitious/Writing on the Wall…

There’s a Serbian superstition that if you put your purse on the floor, money will fall out. Serbians will laugh at this saying, but they’ll never-and I mean never-put their own purse on the floor. I became a convert quickly, because why would I want to put my purse on a dirty floor? Cultural awareness justifying my germaphobia? Sign me up!

Most people will reserve a chair to hold purses and coats, and restaurants are happy to oblige. One restaurant deserves special acknowledgement for this. At dinner with friends at Lorenzo i Kakalamba, a waiter noted my purse was on my lap and brought over a special “purse stool.”

Kudos to Lorenzo i Kakalamba for their excellent and oh-so-Serbian customer service. (My sarma was tasty too.) Now I’m off to decide where to spend the money I didn’t lose…


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