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Church on *Easter* Sunday: St. Lawrence Cathedral in Trogir, Croatia

Happy Easter/Srecan Uskrs! This year, the Julian and Gregorian calendars have Easter falling on the same day, so we can celebrate both Orthodox and non-Orthodox Christian Easter today. In Serbia, Easter is celebrated on Friday and Monday, so we took advantage of the holiday weekend to travel to Croatia with friends visiting us from the United States.

Trogir is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, but it’s small enough to retain the image of a sleepy little town in April. May-August is a different story-that’s when the herds, excuse me, hoards of people come to admire the marble buildings, winding streets and the main square featuring the Saint Lawrence Cathedral.

The Cathedral, known as Katedrala Sv. Lovre and St. John’s Cathedralwas built over a four hundred year period starting in the early 1200s. The entrance to the cathedral is the work of Majstor Radovan, a famous Trogiri architect and sculptor.

Though most of the Cathedral was completed by 1251, the famed bell tower was built in the late 1300s. We climbed-and climbed-up the tower for a bird’s eye view of Trogir.

This morning, we woke up to the cacophony of church bells in Dubrovnik, a much larger town with a bevy of churches to choose from. I decided to post about the less-visited Trogir, but I’ve included some pictures below from the people leaving Eater mass at the St. Blaise Cathedral. The adults all have Easter baskets, but I’m not sure what’s inside. Some looked to have bread inside, and others may have contained doilies. Anyone know what’s in the baskets? Is there a Croatian version of Peeps that I don’t know about?

Happy Easter and a peaceful Sunday to all my readers.


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