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Fishing for facts on Belgrade’s Flippered Friends

For my fourth post on Belgrade Animal Week, I thought fish would be a good topic, since the city lies between two big rivers. (The Danube and the Sava, for the geographically challenged.)  As it turns out, there wasn’t a whole lot out there on our fine flippered friends. Here’s what I dug up.

There are at least 97 species of fish found in Serbia, including three labeled “roach.” I’m hoping that’s a typo.Despite the large variety, you’ll mostly find trout and carp on local menus. At least, that’s what most of Vojvodina’s fish farms raise. It appears that the Danube has large catfish as well, based on this photo on the City of Belgrade website:

To be perfectly honest, I don’t eat much fish here. Since I’ve switched to the dark, I mean, carnivorous side, I am content to the delicious local farm animals instead. Fish haven’t been on my mind in restaurants, but they were strangely prominent in the Serbian classroom. The Serbian tongue twister riba ribi grize rep-a fish bites a fish’s tail-helped me remember to roll my Rs.
Additionally, a ribe (fish) is used to describe a woman. It’s similar to “chick” in English, but makes a bit more sense. The lines of a fish are thought to mimic the curves of a woman.

That's not exactly what I meant

A search on fish in Belgrade also yielded this mildly amusing video of fisherman delivering a fresh catch to the market.


I love the people (Americans, I think) recording this. They sound so sad about how the fish keep jumping out of the basket. Somehow, they’ve forgotten that these fish were just hooked by the mouth and selected for certain death. Isn’t that a little more tragic than flopping out of a basket? At least they weren’t biting each other’s tails.


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