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Something sweet? Belgrade’s baklava

So full...but one can't resist (photo still from Tito i Ja)

Americans, picture yourself in a Serbian restaurant. Two hours have passed since you were seated.The Serbians around you are still ordering piles of food, but at this point you are utterly, completely full. The plates of pork prosciutto and mladi cheese are reduced to unidentifiable crumbles. The remaining ajvar has settled into an oily, shallow pool at the bottom of the bowl. The main course-you didn’t think that was the main course, did you?-has been dutifully picked over: roasted meat and vegetables massacred by several forks, and only two scoops of prebanac (baked beans) remain. The waiters clear rakija glasses and offer you another flask of wine. You think you may never eat again.

But it’s not over. The waiter asks, “Something sweet?” Such small, innocent words. Words fit for a tiny petit four or a spoonful of local honey. But you’re in Serbia, and there’s no such thing as a small dish here. You start to protest as your Serbian friends nod vigorously. They discuss options. You think, all the food in my stomach has dislodged a rib. There is no way I am eating dessert. And then…it arrives. And it’s gone before you know it.

There are many great desserts in Belgrade, but one you should try is baklava. Though many think of baklava as a Greek or Turkish dessert, it’s widely available, and delicious, throughout the Balkans. If you’d rather skip the meal and go straight to dessert, I heartily recommend the Baklavdžinica Dukat on Topličin Venac, 3.


They offer a variety of flavors and sizes, from chocolate to pistachio and so on. I prefer pistachio, muz liked chocolate. Either way, you’re not going to be disappointed. If you’d like to know more about the place, check out this great blog post about it.


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