Read, Write, Run, Roam

Rolling through Lucca, Italy

If I had to sum up Lucca in one word, it would be bicycles. Lucca is a fairly large, walled city with great shopping, food, and a unique walking path on top of the city walls. So why am I so focused on their bicycles? It’s because I can’t think of another place that had so many bikes and such a diverse group of riders.

There were older riders passing children on the street,

mothers “driving” their kids to school,

the office commute,

And plenty of parking.

Maybe bikes are so popular because Lucca is flat; most of the cities we’ve seen on this trip are quite hilly. Perhaps it’s just easier and cheaper than driving: Lucca has many pedestrian streets, and parking within the city walls is practically impossible. Or maybe it’s a way to work off pasta and pizza. Whatever the reason, the bicycles of Lucca are its most appealing-and unexpected-sight.


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