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Happy St. Patrick’s Day, from Belfast to Belgrade

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day-a holiday that barely means anything in Ireland, but is a cause for drunken revelry in the United States. On St. Patrick’s Day in America, it doesn’t matter if you’re from Shannon or Sri Lanka-you can freely celebrate with a pint of Guinness and a green t-shirt.

I thought only Americans appropriated other cultures for the sake of debauchery. Fortunately, I was wrong. St. Patricks Day is alive and well in Belgrade. Not only does Belgrade have at least two Irish bars, but it also has its very own Irish folk band: The Orthodox Celts.

The O’Celts are a group of Serbians who perform traditional and original Irish folk songs. You might think that demand for Serbians playing Irish tunes is low, but the band is quite popular according to Serbian and American friends who live here. They’ve released five albums and have a number of videos on You Tube. There’s even a proposed documentary about them. You can see the (longish) preview here:

If you’re in Belgrade, there’s no need to watch them on You Tube: they’re performing at Dom Omladine tomorrow at 9pm. Does RHOB have tickets? You bet your sweet shamrock she does.

If live music on St. Patrick’s Day isn’t your thing, please seek medical attention. If no one can help you, go to the Three Carrots on Kneza Milosa or the Irish Pub on Kosovska, behind the national assembly building. Warning: prepare to pay U.S. prices for Guinness at Three Carrots. In addition, the Canadian Club has a St. Patrick’s Day party on Friday. Sláinte and ziveli to all!


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