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Church on Sunday: Twofer Edition!

This Church on Sunday features not one, but two houses of worship. RHOB: all about value.

I’m “doubling down” because (1) they’re on the same square and (2) I will not be posting a CoS next Sunday. So let’s check out the churches in Timisoara, Romania’s Union Square.

Union square is remarkable for its colorful, Austo-Hungarian buildings. Many buildings are in need of repair, but their colors brighten the grayest of winter days.

Between the schools, coffee shops and art galleries lining the square, the Serbian Orthodox Church and the Roman Catholic church face each other. On the east side of the square, the St. George Roman Catholic Cathedral has been there since the late 1770s.

It’s noted for its distinctive baroque style. I didn’t find a lot of information about St. George’s on the internet-or in the church itself. The internal gates were closed, but we did get to peek at the beautiful interior.

The cleaning lady was not inclined to let us in, so we wandered over to the Serbian Orthodox Cathedral. The lemony building was built sometime between 1744 and 1748, after the previous Cathedral burned down in 1728. It was originally used by Serbian and Romanian Orthodox followers, but I’ve read that the religions divided in the mid-19th Century and it is now solely a Serbian Orthodox church. (Information on this split is hard to find in English.)

In addition to all this, and most important to RHOB, the Cathedral was open. This made for better photos.

Timisoara is home to many beautiful houses of worship, but the combination of these gorgeous churches and the beauty of Union Square is hard to beat. Even in the grey skies and slushy sidewalks of winter, Timisoara stands out as a promising and beautiful city.


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