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Rakija: the cure for the common cold (weather)

Belgrade is rakija-cold right now. What’s rakija-cold? It’s when rakija becomes a frostbite antidote instead of a mere drink. Rakija warms toes, uncurls fingers, and thaws limbs. Keep pouring it in your friend’s glass, and it also becomes a truth serum. What can’t it do? Rakija is downright medicinal in RHOB’s opinion-and in the opinion of many Serbians, according to this short documentary. Watch and learn about the magic of rakija, tips on where to get the good stuff, and hear the wisdom of our rakija-drinking elders. Ziveli!


One response

  1. Pervy


    Best line? “My mother saves 200 liters … something to save for crisis times.”

    And on particularly cold days in Sarajevo, alternating betwen rakija and shots of turkish coffee keeps you warm, fuels the soul, and generally serves as the Bosnian equivalent of Four Loko.

    February 7, 2011 at 6:18 pm

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