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The Frost Performs its Secret Ministry


When the temperature dips below freezing, the trees around Studenteski Trg (and other places) often collect frost. It’s so pretty, I almost forget that my fingers are numb. Almost. It’s even more dramatic at night. The trees look as though they were dipped in sugar. Cold, cold sugar.

Belgrade doesn’t have a Punxsutawney Phil to let us know how many weeks of winter are left, but Serbia does have a similar holiday on February 15th called Sretenje. On this day, if a bear sees its own shadow there are 40 more days of winter. I must say, I think a bear is a better harbinger of spring than a rodent.


So let’s cross our fingers for a cloudy 15th. These photos are pretty, but RHOB is sick of her snow boots.

The title of this post is from a Samuel Taylor Coleridge poem.


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