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Narnia Discovered in Timişoara, Romania

When I wandered around Timişoara last week, I found beautiful squares, great architecture, and the birthplace of the Romanian Revolution in 1989. But one discovery topped them all: I think I found Narnia.

Our merry band of housewives (and househusband) were walking back from the Fabric New Synagogue via a park. I’d tell you which park it was, but I had no idea, since another housewife was in charge of the map. RHOB was just along for the ride.

Just before entering the park, we passed a factory with a marble sculpture that looked like an open door. I joked that it would lead to Narnia. (Geek alert: code red!) I didn’t realize I was right, so I didn’t take a photo of the sculpture. Live and learn.

We walked on a snowy path for about a mile, enjoying the scenery. We were all alone…0r so we thought.

We didn’t find fauns, but we did pass animal sculptures. It also seemed like it had been winter here for 100 years. (Seriously, is anyone getting these references?) As we walked past the animals, we saw friendly-and not so friendly-faces:

They were next to a mysterious tunnel in the middle of the park. It seemed to have no purpose. But the househusband (it’s always the men, isn’t it?) suggested we walk inside. It was, in two words, really weird.

Yes, those appear to be effigies. WTF.

Where is Aslan when you need him?













My first thought was that the tunnel hosted a Halloween party, but Halloween isn’t celebrated around here. Was it a human sacrifice party? A way to scare local children into avoiding tunnels?  We had no idea. The park was silent. Our new friends’ expressions said it all.

We were happy to leave the park and its wintry, mysterious secrets. But once we got out, we were pretty sure we’d never find our way back in. At least no one was tempted by Turkish Delight…that I know of…


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