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Screcan Bozic, part dva

Mural of St. Sava's Cathedral, one of the largest Orthodox Cathedrals in the World


It’s Serbian Orthodox Christmas today. The Orthodox religion follows the Julian Calendar, not the Gregorian, so we can celebrate another Christmas and two New Years’ Eve celebrations. Do Serbians know how to have a good time, or what?

But two Christmases doesn’t mean two days of gift frenzy. As I understand it, Orthodox Christmas is more religious than retail-ish. Instead, people give gifts on New Years’ Eve or on certain Sundays leading up to Christmas.

On January 13th we’ll celebrate Orthodox/Julian Calendar New Year, or Mali Bozic, when people might give gifts, and will definitely celebrate 2011 all over again. So technically, I haven’t broken any resolutions because the new year hasn’t quite begun. Genius.

What does Orthodox Christmas mean for RHOB? It means that nothing is open and the streets are practically empty. And we get to hear kids and their parents lighting fireworks all night long. We’re not lighting fireworks, but I think we’ll fire up A Christmas Story and see if the local Chinese restaurant is open. Fa ra ra ra ra, ra ra ra ra….


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