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Eat, Pray, Love II: Vienna, Austria (Part Two)

We’ve talked about prayers. We’ve covered eating. And if you’re going to have the EPL sequel in Austria, there has to be a love interest. The bad news: there was no Javier Bardem sighting in Vienna. The good news: there were lots of other beautiful sights to fall in love with.

Vienna is a lovely city. Groundbreaking news, I know, but bear with me. I had heard it was beautiful, but I didn’t understand the fuss until I was there myself. The architecture and layout of the city is designed to make people swoon. Every time I turned a corner, there was another building to gawk at or statues to admire. Even lampposts were decorated to make one stop and take notice.

But I don’t fall in love with classical architecture, RHOB! I want something edgier.

Not to worry, Vienna has something for everyone. Meet Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the artist-turned-architect behind HundertwasserHaus.

Hundertwasser (FH) was the “bad boy of architecture” from the 1950s-1990s. He rejected the symmetry and rational planning of Vienna, taking his cues from another architecture rebel, Adolf Loos. FH believed that buildings should be wild and curved, like nature itself. His work is best reflected in the HundertwasserHaus , which has undulating floors, green roofs and trees growing inside the building.

Ladies, you’ll have to come correct if you want to impress FH-the building was mobbed when Muz and I paid a visit. (You’ll also have to be a psychic to impress FH-he died in 2000.)

But RHOB, I don’t care about architecture! What I love is shopping!

Hon, Vienna is all about your needs. There are several pedestrian avenues that feature everything from Cartier and Chanel to Zara and H&M.  The stores are gorgeous and at Christmastime, the light displays are almost as pretty as the merchandise.

Vienna’s temperatures were hardly those of Bali-but between its buildings, art, and my handsome Muz beside me, it was a city to fall in love with. We’ll definitely return-when the horses drawing carriages don’t have to wear hats.


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