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Church on Sunday: St. Nicholas Church, Zemun

I can’t imagine a better Sunday to highlight a church named after St. Nicholas. The Church of the Holy Father Nicholas is the oldest church in Zemun, a suburb of Belgrade. The church was constructed in the first part of the 1700s-I’ve found conflicting years-and has the most beautiful iconostasis I’ve ever seen. Of course, my photos do it no justice. I’m going blame it on the scaffolding.

Yep, it's obviously the scaffolding ruining my photo

Zemun sits across the Sava from stari grad, the oldest part of urban Belgrade. At one point Zemun was part of Austria-Hungary, but became Serbian in 1918. The Hapsburg influence is evident in the architecture throughout Zemun’s old town.  Zemun also features a great river path that features splavs, floating restaurants and bars. I look forward to spending more time there when the weather gets warm. That should happen in about six weeks, right? RIGHT?


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