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Serbians: Tougher than Man-Eating Sharks

Completely unrelated photo

I’m interrupting my regularly scheduled travel blogging to explain how you should NOT mess with Serbians. Especially if you’re a man-eating shark at an Egyptian resort.

As reported by the Macedonian International News Agency (and picked up by the New York Post) a Serbian man was on vacation in Egypt when he drunkenly jumped off a pier and landed directly on a shark that had been terrorizing visitors and threatening the tourist economy.

The NY Post reports:

Dragan Stevic was soused to the gills while partying at the Red Sea resort Sharm El Sheikh when he inadvertently felled the beast that had been terrorizing tourists for weeks.

Stevic cannonballed into the water from a high-diving board, according to a Macedonian news agency. Instead of making a splash, he came down right on the shark’s head, killing the toothed terror instantly. Stevic swam to shore and is currently in the hospital recovering from alcohol poisoning.

I hate to ruin the fun, but it’s not true. An online hoax got picked up and unfortunately, the Post took the bait. (get it?) But let’s face it, it seems true. Serbian vs. Shark? It’s like Godzilla vs. Mothra. Especially if rakija is consumed. If rakija can make you ignore freezing temperatures, it can probably make you jump off a pier without looking. Plus, if this was true, all my reporting on local hooch looks like a survival mechanism. Hmmm…I think I’ll believe it anyway.


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