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Church on Sunday: Hofburg Chapel, Vienna

Muz sprang for the cheapest seats in the house

Technically this is Church on Monday. Sorry about that-but not sorry enough to pay 17 Euros for hotel internet access last night…

For this week’s church on Sunday, we went to hear the Vienna Boys’ Choir at the Hofburg Chapel in Vienna, Austria. We got the cheap seats in the nosebleed section, which accounts for the bird’s eye view of the altar. The bad news about these seats is that you don’t get a view of the pulpit-the seats are squeezed into small rooms on the top floor of the church. The great news about this section is that you can see the choir sing as long as you’re close to the balcony. The choir sings at the highest point of the back of the chapel until the end of the service.


The top chamber is where the boys perform during the service.

In addition to the choir, the musicians, adult choir, and even the priest sang beautifully. But the boys’ choir is the main event. Their voices are world famous, but what I really enjoyed was how charming they were. They’re not visible to most of the church except on closed-circuit tv, so while we heard angelic voices, we saw mussed hair, tired faces, and a lot of fidgeting. It was a sweet reminder that while these boys sound like angels, they’re just kids who might prefer sleeping in at 9:15 Sunday morning.

After the service, the boys came down to the front of the church to sing traditional Christmas songs. It was a great way to start the last week before Christmas.

Vienna is a beautiful city. I can’t wait to share it with you later this week.


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