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This Guy


There’s not much to say about This Guy, except: AWESOME. We saw him on the road from Sarajevo to Zagreb. Privi was in the front seat of our car and managed to get his camera out in seconds. When the guy saw Privi’s camera, he toasted us-with the beer in his hand.

Since our encounter was so short, Privi recommended that I fill in the blanks about him. I’d say that he’s had a long afternoon delivering firewood and homemade rakija to the 15 people that  live in the area. Hence the beer: don’t get high on your own supply.

In my mind, he’s just gotten back from his kum’s house, where they talked about the old days when This Guy was the star of the town’s soccer team. They spent most of their time trashing David Beckham and trying to not open the bottles of rakjia he still had to deliver. Once he finishes this last delivery he’s headed home, where his zena (wife) will accuse him of drinking his profits away before kissing him and handing him a huge plate of cevap.

Share your own ideas about This Guy in the comments, which for the 4th time ARE OPEN. No more badgering RHOB about not allowing comments!



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  1. Inspired

    Sunday started like any other: church with the wife, rakija bar with the boys. But he forgot it was also his wife’s birthday. Coming home drunk didn’t help. After failing the “do you know what today is?” conversation, she winged a Turkish coffee pot at his head. “Screw this,” he said, grabbed some road beers, and headed up the mountain to “help Predrag fix his roof.” When an American VW with diplomatic plates slowed to grab a photo and almost ran his cart off the road, he was ready for it all to end. His gesture sarcastically said, “Cheers, my American friends!”, but his eyes lamented, “women…”

    December 17, 2010 at 5:23 pm

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