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Not hungry in Hungary

Muz Heaven

I like to say, “you’ll never starve in Serbia.” After this trip, I may have to include, “or Budapest.”   Unless you’re a vegetarian, that is.

Exhibit 1: the Central Market in Budapest. Veggies outshined by meat vendors. Muz was so moved by the carnivorous display, he took this photo.

Exhibit 2: “When in Rome,” I thought, and later ordered an appetizer plate: heaps of smoked meat, fried meat, and sausage arrived. Readers, I’d love to tell you that I was too principled to eat it, that I had my typical thoughts of PETA and global warming and hormones, and that I nibbled on peppers instead.

Hell, no. It was delicious. The only thing I couldn’t eat was something that appeared to be pork rinds. Muz took care of those. When I complimented the waiter on the sausage, he told me it was liver and cream. Sounds revolting-tastes amazing.

Exhibit 3: We were so happily surprised by the spicier flavors of Budapest (compared to Serbia) that we decided to find an Indian restaurant and really shock our systems. The delicious Majaraj did not disappoint. Vegetarian food was available, but we decided to continue with the theme and have curried meat dishes instead.

So if you’re going to Budapest as a quasi-vegetarian, be prepared to fall off the wagon. Better yet, just throw yourself off when you get there. You won’t regret it.

Central Market, Budapest


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