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Hello hello baby you called/I can’t hear a thing


I recently discovered that my default ringtone was called “Chinese Dance.” Not only did this seem…inappropriate, but the tone doesn’t sound remotely Chinese. I decided to ignore any implications of this and move on to something with a more benign name/tune.

While looking for a new ring tone, I noticed that “Happy Birthday” is not the happy birthday song, “Christmas Dance” is not holiday music, and “Samba” would make Brazilians give up bikinis. I’m not sure who is naming ring tones at the Serbian Samsung, but he has some serious research to do.

I almost chose one of the techno beats in honor of the Belgrade club scene, but in the end I picked “Peer Gynt,” which is the name of an Ibsen play based on the Norwegian fairy tale character Per Gynt. It’s a harpsichord tune. Obviously.


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