Read, Write, Run, Roam

“My Adidas cuts the sand of a foreign land…”

Belgrade is called "the White City." Probably because shoelace city didn't sound as pretty.

There are shoeshine/shoelace stands like this one throughout the city. I would think that people getting their shoes shined are rarely in need of neon green laces, but there must be some demand out there since I’ve seen so many of them. I think they’re unique to Belgrade, but since the only other city I’ve been to around here is Novi Sad, don’t quote me on that.

In any event, the displays are cheery and I thought I’d share a common Belgrade sight with you.  Plus, I want to get your opinion on buying silver laces in Slavija Square. I think they would look great on black Converse…

For those of you wondering, the title is a line from My Adidas by Run DMC.


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