Read, Write, Run, Roam

They’re European, you know.

Regarding my post yesterday, a friend emailed to tell me that the name of my beloved hair dryer sounded like something one would find in an erotica shop. First, please do not talk smack about my hair dryer. Second, that fact didn’t even register with me because after only a week here, I’m not paying attention to such innuendo.

Why? Because the female form is celebrated everywhere and anywhere here. There are half naked women in the newspapers and Playboy is sold without fanfare in the corner grocery stores. We went to a winery this weekend (more on that later) and the film they showed us featured long, bare legs slowly moving through the grapes.  I was pretty impressed by that one, actually.

What makes this even more odd is that the women in Belgrade dress pretty modestly. Of course, it’s fall here and the weather is cooler, but we’ve had a bit of a warm streak and I haven’t seen so much as a bare leg. I’ve seen more women wearing pantyhose than I have since 1998. There are a lot of leggings under miniskirts, but that’s not new. And I haven’t seen super tight clothing either. Of course, when you’re as tall and good-looking as most of the women here, I don’t think you need to adverstise the goods, if you know what I mean.

One week in Belgrade and my puritanical streak is already gone…who knows what the next year will bring.


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