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Language Lesson 2: Hair care edition

Chris, you will NOT be able to film your sequel here. Sorry.

Welcome to November, RHOB readers.  For this month I am pledging to write a post every work day (or more) for your viewing pleasure.  I even signed up for national blog post month: I’m sure it was on your calendars.  So if you’re sick of reading about entirely mundane things in the upcoming weeks, you can blame it on my obsessive need to finish assignments. Moving on…

Before I moved to Belgrade, I received a care package from an aunt containing hair care products. She was concerned about the availability of good hair products abroad and informed me that I should also be concerned because, I quote, I was “representing the family.”  Okay. The movers informed me that I could not pack these items in my shipment, so I wrapped them up in plastic and took them in my checked luggage. Dedication, people!

Truth be told, I was concerned. I gave away my hair dryer before we left knowing that I would need a new one (with a European plug) when we arrived anyway. I needed all the help I could get.

When we arrived, it was cold and rainy (terrible for RHOB hair) and I made do with lotions and potions. But it wasn’t cutting it. For three days I looked…bedraggled, to put it kindly. Being jet-lagged didn’t help either. So after our first Serbian lesson, the instructor asked if there was anything else we needed to know before the lesson ended. To muz’s infinite amusement, I said, “Yes. I need to know where to get a hair dryer and how to ask for one.”

Readers, our instructor is a gift from above. Not only did she act like this was the most natural question in the world, but she offered to walk to a store with me and make sure the transaction went smoothly.  They sell them in appliance stores, which I never would have guessed.  I said, “Treba mi fan,” and was whisked two feet away where a prominent display was featured. But I was too excited to be embarrassed. I am now the proud owner of a “purple passion” European hair dryer.  Even the muz admitted that I looked much better after I used it. Represent!


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