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Language lessons, Jersey style

Technically a Long Island mechanic, but you get the idea.

Sorry for the delay in posting. We moved into our apartment but it will take some time (2 weeks, hopefully) to get internet up and running. I’m going to try to find an internet cafe ASAP. The first week here has been non-stop. Lots to talk about, but since I’m not going to give away all my best stories in one post, you’ll have to make do with just one.

The muz and I started our Serbian lessons straightaway. Even though almost everyone here speaks English, it’s a good idea to know “survival Serbian” when you’re traveling outside of Belgrade. Before we arrived, and when the muz was here on business without me, I asked him to teach me how to say good night.

His reply? “Lou Conoch.” (Said with an amazing Jersey accent, which he othewise lacks.)

I couldn’t get enough of this. Lou Conoch? That’s the name of a guy who fixes Buicks. In his front yard. With parts from…well, don’t ask. Would Serbian sound like an evening at the Brownstone? I was getting really excited to learn this language.

Fast forward to our lesson, and “Lou Conoch” is actually la knosh…which is nicer than it appears in writing. Color me disappointed, except to say that Serbian is a prettier language than I thought it would be.

UPDATE: Apparently it’s Laku noš (nosh, o like nose). Someone (muz) thinks he’s an expert in Serbian after 3 lessons.


It. Is. On.

Sorry for the absence, dear reader. (And I mean that. I have one reader. Maybe two.) As the move date approached, I became so focused on our to-do list that I didn’t take the time to realize that I am not just writing a bad book report about Serbia. I am actually moving there.

Lots to blog about, particularly the packing itself, but I’ll save that for later. For today, I’m just going to enjoy one last full day in the U.S. and realize that this is actually happening.

UPDATE: at the skylounge (thanks to the Muz’s frequent flyer miles) and soaking in the wireless and free wine for the next half hour before our flight. Ah, America.