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Serbian cuisine…and humor

While searching for books about Serbia to purchase before our move, I stumbled on this charming article on, of all things, a Tampa Bay news website:

Serbia Hosts Testicle Cooking Contest

Ozrem, Serbia (AP) — In a remote Serbian mountain village, they’re cooking up delicacies to make your mouth water – or your stomach churn.

At the seventh annual World Testicle Cooking Championship, visitors watch – and sometimes taste – as teams of chefs cook up bull, boar, camel, ostrich and even kangaroo testicles.

“This festival is all about fun, food and bravery,” said Ljubomir Erovic, the Serbian chef and testicles gourmand specialist who organizes the bizarre cooking festival and has published a testicle cookery book.

The food – politely called “white kidneys” in Serbian – is believed to be rich in testosterone. In the Balkans, it is considered to help men’s libido.

And yes, there were pictures. But I will spare you the images. Read the whole article here, if you must. For intrigued readers, you can get the cookbook (pictured above). But it’s only an e-book. Can’t imagine why…


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