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Another blog begins…

zbogom, y'all

zbogom, y'all

Most of my conversations in the past month have gone something like this:

ME: …so, we’re moving to Belgrade for a year!
ME: It seems like a great adventure.
FRIEND: What will you do?
ME: I’m going on sabbatical. (Which sounds a lot better than being unemployed, by the by.)
FRIEND: You should blog!

Hmm. I never thought I’d be a blogger,  despite the appeal of “working” in yoga pants. It seems like a good idea when you’re unemployed, er, on sabbatical, and starting to think about how to fill the hours and days and months ahead when you’re a housewife in a foreign country. That you could barely identify on a map 30 days ago. And you don’t speak Serbian or read Cyrillic. But I digress…

So I’ll soon be a housewife. Who blogs. And unlike some other Housewives I Shall Not Mention Specifically, I technically will be a wife who is not working. I can’t say if there will be table-flipping, gaudy dresses, and White House party crashing, but a girl can hope.


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